Apple Repair

So you stepped on your MacBook and now it won’t boot. Or your iMac is clicking and buzzing ominously.

Hey, these things happen. We won’t judge. But now you have a choice to make. You can take it to a local Apple Authorized Service center. But be ready to pull out your wallet. You’re paying for Apple Certified technicians to install Apple approved parts in an Apple-controlled facility, and every step of the way makes the prices go higher and higher. Apple maintains control via this expensive hierarchy.


There’s a better way. At Arcadia Computer, our technicians are officially certified from the school of Hard Knocks. Experience is the best teacher, and our team has plenty of experience finding the most reasonable (and reasonably priced!) repair solutions for your malfunctioning iProduct.

If you’re outside your AppleCare time limit, in need of repair or an upgrade, or want to optimize your Mac’s performance, Arcadia Computer is ready to get you back where you want to be – on your perfectly functioning Apple device!

And the best thing? We can do it for so much cheaper than the service centers, meaning you keep money in your pocket to save for the next new iPhone.