HP/Compaq Laptop Computer Repair

At our shops, we receive many HP/Compaq laptop computer repair requests. Common repairs to HP computers include:

  • Failure due to overheated GPU chips (graphics chips).  Dust, hair and fiber often gets pulled into the fan and accumulates on the surface of the heat sink, reducing airflow through the cooling fins and causing the graphics chip to overheat.  HP DV6000 and DV9000 models have a high incident of this failure.  Anticipate costs of $100+ for the replacement motherboard.  We prefer to avoid simply reflowing failed solder joints and instead getting professionally repaired motherboards that will not simply fail again in the future.
  • Broken LCD display screen.  Some models, such as the DV5 and DM4 use non-standard 14.5″ wide LCD screens.  These may be the most expensive to repair but most HP/Compaq screen repairs will cost less than $200 in total.
  • Failed display hinges or hinge mounts.  If your screen is hanging on by cables and wires, don’t fret.  We can determine the required parts to get your HP/Compaq laptop computer back in one solid, dependable assembly.
  • Failing or crashed hard drive.  If you’re experiencing blue screens of death (BSOD), cyclical restarting of the laptop computer without successfully getting into Windows, or simply the dreaded “No OS found” message, we can help.  Replacement hard drives start around $50 for brand new and a new operating system installation along with installing the new hard drive runs about $90.  If we can still access your old data, pictures and music, we can transfer it to the new hard drive for $45.