Networking/Wi-Fi Networking Setup and Maintenance

Seems like everybody these days has moved to dependency on Wi-Fi.  It’s a fantastic technology, allowing high-speed internet to flow through the air both ways.  But there are multiple Wi-Fi standards and myriad settings, some of which aren’t obvious at first use. For example, did you know that certain frequency channels are more popular when it comes to Wi-Fi antennas, and that if too many routers and antennas in the area are using that channel, that everybody’s internet speed can be slowed down by the traffic?

There’s plenty of other things that can go wrong.  And if you’re on a wired network, that comes with its own challenges.  Ethernet cabling is reliable and blazing fast, but it’s also a precision technology that requires careful setup and maintenance.

Arcadia Computer can help you analyze your home or business setup and determine what type of network you should use, and can help you install it and set it up. We can also assist you with regular maintenance and repair of your network.  Give us a call to learn more!