PC Tune Up and Optimization

There are plenty of things that can slow your computer down.  Lots of little details add up quickly and drag your PC from a gazelle that helps you do all your work to a sloth that frustrates you at every turn.

Among other things, there are unwanted programs (known as “bloatware” or “crapware”) that can bog down your system resources.  We’ve seen some computers with hundreds of these programs installed!  There’s also dust that can build up in the ventilation system.  This dust can block the vents and cause heat to build up inside your computer, eventually causing your computer to slow down and at some point fail entirely, burning up the components.  In laptops, especially, it is extremely difficult to clean this dust out properly.

Not to mention viruses, malware, spyware, and possibly even aging and failing hardware.

The Arcadia Computer technician team are experts at diagnosing and fixing these issues in a comprehensive tune-up and optimization program!