House Calls

We encourage most of our customers to save a few dollars and bring their computers to our shop for repairs, particularly when the repair stretches over hours or days.  However, there are times when much can be accomplished in an hour or two at your home or business in the surrounding area.  Examples of our on-site services include networking, setting up wireless routers and printers, sharing files and printers between computers, setting up data backup, and consultation that includes training and optimizing email programs.


Fees begin at $75 for one hour of service, billable in 15-minute increments.  We are also happy to establish an appointment for consultation at our shop at a $75/hr rate, again billable in 15-minute increments.  We’ve worked with many customers in helping them get the most out of their computers and the programs that they use on a daily basis, and enjoy great coffee while sitting down to meet at our neighboring coffee shops.

If you need to have computer equipment picked up from your location for repair at one of our repair centers and are located within 3 miles of us, we can offer free pickup. A minimal $35 fee will be added for locations within a 10-mile radius of our computer repair shops. We strive to be the computer repair business that understands your needs and know that all of those cables, connectors, and just the sheer bulk and weight of a computer can be intimidating to deal with.  Gabriel, Yvette, or Tyler will be glad to help you.